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Creating Change

Empowerpro Financial provides individuals and families with the tools they need to start building the financial future they’ve always envisioned. For most people, financial success doesn’t happen overnight. It is built on a series of “right choices” and changed behavior. Our plans include services and tools that help you create a healthy relationship with money, improve your credit, manage your debt and much more. We take a mindfulness-based approach to finance that can create lasting changes in your life. 

Program Benefits

Our  Financial Wellness Program gives you a variety of different benefits:

  • Mindfulness-Based Financial Wellness Course
  • Discounted Tax Preparation
  • Discounted Mortgage Closing Costs
  • Debt and Credit Consultation
  • Financial Literacy Course
  • Fully Integrated Financial Management Software
  • Financial Resource Center
  • Live chat with a Financial Planner

Employee Benefits

According to surveys conducted by PWC and the Federal Reserve:

  • 54% of Employees are stressed about their finances
  • 56% of Employees are affected by student loans
  • 44% of adults say they could not cover an emergency expense costing $400

The cycle of low financial wellness is not just a problem for individual employees; it’s also a problem for employers.

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Christina Jackson
Christina JacksonPresident
Welcome! I’m the President of Empowerpro Financial, Inc. and I’ve helped over 20,000 consumers become debt free and credit healthy. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Cody Sutton
Cody SuttonFinancial Planner
As a financial services professional, I help my clients make informed and meaningful financial decisions based on their unique values, needs and priorities.
Together, my clients and I build a financial strategy that encourages them to think about where they’ve come from, where they’re going, and what they’ll leave behind.